AGPR5 – Company criciumense among the best to work for

The automation, mechanics and technology company AGPR5 l A5Group received the Best Companies to Work in Santa Catarina award, granted by Amanhã Magazine and Great Place to Work. The awards were held in Florianópolis, where the 30 companies with the most innovative practices of people management in the State received their trophies at an event held in the Centro Sul.

The company criciumense, which this year turns 16, ranks third among the best medium-sized companies to work in SC, among 100 and 1 thousand employees. The AGPR5 employs 170 collaborators and is located in an area of 7 thousand square meters. For AGPR5 CEO Alvaro Ghedin, the award represents the crowning achievement of 15 years of AGPR5, which was constituted in the quest to transform knowledge into results with customer value generation.

“For that to happen, the people who make up the team have to be committed in an environment of mutual trust and in the company, in order to have an excellent place to work and as an obvious consequence we will have the achievements and results,” he says.

AGPR5 operates in the segments of technology and automation, systems, mechanics and infrastructure, subdivided into 13 business units. The company started its activities in 2000 in Midisul Incubadora, where it developed an automation system and platform for animal nutrition, feed and premix factories. From there it added new expertises and installed its own headquarters, with 7 thousand square meters of constructed area.

The AGPR5 team is made up of teams with administrators, accountants, designers, technicians from various areas, technologists, systems analysts, engineers and even operators with great experience of factory floor, allied with the motivation to make the best product and with state-of-the-art technology is able to provide complete solutions to its customers.

Among the teams, 05.84% have a postgraduate degree (MSc./Specialists), 17.53% have a university degree, 20.78% have a university degree in progress, 16.23% have a full technical course, 7.15% vocational course and 10.39% complete high school.

The survey that ranked the company among the best to work took into consideration aspects in companies that offer the most attractive workplaces in the State based on the level of collaborator confidence in five dimensions: Credibility, Respect, Impartiality, Pride, and Comradeship.

The evaluation criteria are the same as the GPTW applied in other 52 countries and are guided by the questionnaires answered by the collaborators of each company. The result allows us to understand how day-to-day work within organizations and their management model in human resources work.

Every year the company invests approximately 3.5% of the sales in PD & I, with innovative and differentiated solutions so that these will add value to their processes or factory.

Each area is composed of the sectors with their respective leaders and / or support to leaders. The larger or strategic units also have co-leaders, all of whom generally have more than 5 years of company and training in the PDL of the AGPR5 Institute. The PDL has five levels, with a total time of 6 years with 125 hours of training. For a collaborator to become co-leader must at least reach the N1, to leader must at least reach the N3. N4 is a two-year in-company graduate degree. Upon reaching N5 the collaborator is prepared to perform the function of staff.

Collaboration: Ana Sofia Schuster / Communication AGPR5

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