AGPR5 lecture for SATC Mechatronics Engineering course

In order to bring academics closer to the future areas of Mechatronics Engineering, the first phase of Satc participated in a lecture with AGPR5 Technology and Production Director Evandro Piucco and AGPR5 Automation Staff, Remco Kinkelaar.

During the chat, the speakers presented to the academics their experiences in projects and startups of industrial automated processes directed to the area of agribusiness and dairy in national and international scope.

The director of technology expressed the need for engineers with skills to integrate different areas and how to organize the company. In addition, the professional indicated books focused on the management area, among them, “The Big Dream”, which describes the trajectory and business model implemented by Jorge Paulo Lemann and his partners.

“The objective of the lecture is to present to academic companies that develop advanced mechatronics solutions, to pass on important information and experiences to the beginner student,” said Mechatronics engineering coordinator João Mota.

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