We have a team formed by engineers and technicians specialized in developing engineering solutions in the field of industrialization of low and medium voltage switchboards.

The products supplied contemplate high standardization in its developments, following all the current norms, technical specification of the client and internal AGPR5.

Electrical Panel Projects

Development of Electrical Panel Projects based on current standards and specifications provided by the client, aiming to meet all the assumptions of various segments of the market.

Assembly of Electrical Boards

Industrialization of Electrical Panels following a strict quality control aiming at the application of the specified standards in the design phase and standardization of all the produced Panels, following the internal norms.

Inspection and Commissioning

We offer specialized services in inspection and commissioning of low and medium voltage electrical panels, with the objective of verifying compliance with the technical specifications, current standards and internal standards required by the customer.

The inspection works as a prevention, detecting possible errors and future failures in the start-up / operation.

The cost of this service is minimal when compared to the expense and losses that may occur if it detects failures during the installation phase or during the operation.