Engineering and Specific Solutions

AGPR5 has expertise in all stages of the project, technical evaluation, design preparation, assembly, commissioning and after-sales service of the solutions provided, guaranteeing the safety and continuity in the operation of the system.

The industry has been seeking more and more alternatives to remain competitive in the market. Modernizing / automating processes to reduce electricity consumption is the output many of them have encountered. Among the main actions to optimize energy consumption, AGPR5 develops solutions, including:

Replacement of old engines for high efficiency models

We do an in-depth study together with high-tech equipment in order to identify and provide the best solution.

Correct sizing of electric motors

Electrical Automation: Engineering and Specific Solutions

When the motor is sized correctly, it can avoid wasting electrical energy. We certify that equipment, especially those that operate for many hours in your industry, are properly sized.

Process Automation

AGPR5 provides highly efficient solutions for increasing production along with managing and reducing energy consumption (Gemba Energy).