Photovoltaic Generation (Off-Grid and On-Grid)

AGPR5 has expertise in all stages of the project, technical evaluation, design preparation, assembly, commissioning and after sales service.

Photovoltaic solar energy is gaining strength in Brazil, due to solar irradiation in the country being one of the highest in the world, combined with the principles of sustainability and closely following this evolution, AGPR5 operates in the market with two solutions:

On-Grid Photovoltaic Generation

In this system happens the sharing of electric energy with the local network of the concessionaire by a means of a contact. Thus, both the energy consumed and the energy sent to the grid are accounted for. This generated energy credit allows use at another time, the next night or within 36 months.

Off-Grid Photovoltaic Generation

Aimed at those who want to reduce spending on energy can be used in all types of applications; industrial, commercial, residential, among other places. Energy is produced by day being consumed and stored in a battery bank to keep essential equipment connected.