Pelletizer without operator with automatic start and stop?

The pelletizing process significantly improves the nutritional and microbial quality of the Animal Nutrition, translated into better performance with less waste . The physical form of the feed has a major impact on the optimization of Animal Nutrition consumption and consequently provides a significant opportunity for profit.

Inadequate processing does not achieve the established objectives, so it is very important to produce a good quality pellet.

There are several factors that affect the quality of the pellet, being the Animal Nutrition formulation, particle size (which will compose the food during the processing of the Animal Nutrition (milling), conditioning (temperature, retention time, steam quality and moisture level ).

For more than 20 years on the market, AGPR5 offers its customers the Gemba Mill solution.

Gemba Mill is a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) platform for Automation of Animal Nutrition Plants (Premix and Animal Nutrition Factories ). Gemba Mill has a module for semi-automatic and automatic pelletizing. And through Gemba Mill your factory can take control of all steps involved in manufacturing processes such as receiving, storing, transition, dosing, mixing, milling, pelleting, shipping and bagging.

Have you ever imagined your factory with pelletizer without operator and with the control of start and stop automatic?

Learn more about the Pelleting module at: GEMBA Mill.

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