AGPR5 – Forming Talents

Have you ever imagined working in a place that offers you a Development Program for Employees, Leaders, Managers and Successors?

In AGPR5 we consider the training and development of each collaborator an investment and not a cost.

In 2017, our average training of each collaborator was 100 hours / year.

In order to generate human capital and train talents, AGPR5 has developed the Program for the Development of ,Collaborators Leaders, Managers and Successors (PDCLES AGPR5). PDCLES AGPR5 is a formal training of six-level managers, ranging from personal and family financial education to in-company graduate studies.

In 2017, we formed another class PDCLES AGPR5 – N1T. This module is intended to promote knowledge and experimentation in problem solving, addressing knowledge, development and application of CCQ – Quality Control Circles in all organizational spheres.

Our Program is an initiative awarded by FIESC with the SC Award for Education.

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