AGPR5 wishes you a great 2018

Another year is ending and regardless of the history or story of the foundations of Christmas, what we have of more concrete is that the human being can not live without love, a gift given by God. We need each other, of coexistence, of sharing, so that we have life, and not just living for ourselves.

One more CHRISTMAS is coming and then a NEW YEAR, that is, it’s been almost 350 days since the last CHRISTMAS. Have you ever stopped to think how many people left or got into the “ train wagon of the life “ you were in, for we certainly had deep pains that ripped our chest through that time, as well as memorable moments, where our victories filled us with hope in a new course.

May we fill this Christmas with love, affection, gratitude and companionship, so that our energy and hope can spread to the people around us. Remember to be grateful and always thank God for all have given to us. Do not forget the greater commandment that Jesus left us “to love our neighbor as ourselves.” Doing good always leaves us motivated and hopeful, that in this CHRISTMAS and coming YEAR, we can recharge us with life and hope … On behalf of AGPR5 | A5 Group our many thanks to every collaborator, every client, every supplier, every partner and may the Lord God bless all our families.

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