Deconstruction for Reconstruction

Have you ever encountered or experienced any situation where it was necessary to make a major reform? In a house, for example, that after raising all the costs involved in the reform were it clear that, although the costs were extremely high, the results would no longer be satisfactory?

So the conclusion is that instead of making a renovation it is more recommended to destroy the house than to try to patch the old walls, because in this way we can rebuild it, with stronger structures, with modern rooms, with a more elegant and contemporary look.

Just like house, we often need to make reforms in our lives, and some of these reforms often do not seem to compensate, the cost to maintain the old standards, are higher than starting over and building a new structure.

And then comes the decision to make a reform, something palliative, with the intention of keeping thoughts, behaviors and standards that are obsolete and archaic, even if they seem comfortable and known, or face a new work?

This is the time to analyze how the new being would be, what kind of behavior should have this be? It has a presupposition that makes us think that when we do not know where we want to go, what we want to be will not be able to understand what resources will be needed for reconstruction.

So here the ideal is to begin to re-signify, that is, to give a new meaning to our life and our ideals, to define a new purpose, a new mission of life, to broaden our view of the world.

Having done this is the time to begin the process of REBUILDING the new being, the new life, and set out for the new cycle, full of hope and inspiration.

Think about it, sometimes life needs to start over, to renew, we need to DECONSTRUCT to REBUILD.

The new can not come, if the old is occupating his place!

Author: Claudia Dias.

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