Problems Managing your Fertilizer Factory?

Does your fertilizer factory have problems in precision dosing systems?

Accuracy in the dosing system in a fertilizer factory is an important step in reaching the final product.

AGPR5 developed the Gemba Fertilizers solution that is part of the Gemba MES (Manufacturing Execution System) platform. With Gemba Fertilizers, your plant has complete control of the processes of receiving, dosing and dispatch of fertilizers, offering as a differential a dynamic tool for the control and precision of the dosage, definitions of cycle time, automatic registration of the process stops for calculation of manufacturing efficiency (OPE).

The Gemba MES solution complies with internationally required standards and provides our customers with strict traceability controls with monitoring of the entire production cycle from the input of raw material to the output of the finished product.

Know some advantages of Gemba Fertilizers for your Fertilizer Factory:

– Control and management of raw materials;

– Receiving with automatic start of all transportation, by typing the truck license plate;

– Control and management of formulation and formulation versions;

– Early production scheduling records;

– Prior registration of the orders of receiving and storage locations;

– Automatic recalculation of production dosage;

– Scheduled CIP control (Automatic start, according to specified period);

– Automatic recalculation of dosage during dispatch;

– Transitionfor the destination of raw materials to different locations;

– Blockages and rules to avoid product mix;

– Automatic dispatch scheduling based on production order;

– Control and monitoring of silos stock;

– User control and access profiles;

– Supervisory Event Log;

– Dynamic definition of the dosing cycle time;

– Customer registration;

– Link of Products by Customer;

– Process Efficiency (OEE / OPE);

– Automatic recording of process stops;

– Analytical reports of receiving, shipment, transition and stock;

Learn more: https://www.agpr5.com/en/gemba-mes-en

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