Want to Save on Energy Bill?

Did you know that you can generate the energy used in your home?

That’s right, solar energy besides being sure of economy, can be installed in your home. And most importantly, solar energy generates savings ranging from 50% to 95% on your energy bill. Therefore, after some time, the investment ends up being automatically paid for the money saved in the energy bill.

Besides the economy, the generation of solar energy does not cause pollution, nor damages to the environment. The sun is a source of pure, renewable and sustainable energy. In addition, this is a free energy source, which only has installation and maintenance costs.

AGPR5 is a partner of ENGIE, we have developed the project for your company or residence, our team performs the procedures for installation and we provide assistance with maintenance of the system.

Do you have questions about the photovoltaic system? Contact us:

AGPR5 | A5 Group

Phone: +55 48 3462 3900
Email: contato@agpr5.com

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