It is Affection that They Like

It is affection that they like, affection is what they deserve: We’re talking about the Customer!

Perhaps it is not common to speak of affection for a relationship considered so professional, from supplier x consumer, customer x company. However what may represent the affection in this relation, according to one of its meanings is: “ demonstration of care and zeal ” (Dicionário Aurélio).

Long time ago, we talked a lot about customer service with quality, excellence and agility, now it becomes standard and the minimum to expect from a service, and then the second stage is to surprise the customer, to charm him. It is to make attendance a differential of your product and service that every day grows the number of competitors. So, to speak of enchantment is talk about affection – pay attention to those details (care) guarantee the offered and combined (zeal).

Below separated some keywords for you to take care of your customer with very CARE and AFFECTION:

CARE – demonstrating customer care means being concerned with each step of the process, from the moment of presenting the product, selling and post-selling.The customer can not feel abandoned or pressured in any of these steps. It is important that there are no failures in any of the processes and if they appear to be dealt with very quickly. The customer has to feel secure and confident in acquiring his product for quality, fair price and other variables involved.

ATTENTION – today what differentiates your product / service from that of your competitor are the details, what makes your product special, personalized, well done. The details can be represented in the form of communicating with the customer, presenting the product, be it packaging or other “pleased o treats”. “Attention to detail requires a level of perfection and “affection” that will surprise the customer. When we focus on attention to detail, we do not have room for the median, we have to think of the most presentable, the most correct, the most practical.

RELATIONSHIP– To appreciate the good relationship with the customer is to guarantee the reliability of your product,is to be truthful and honest with your customer even though at some point it means losing some business for not being able to meet a specific customer demand. A lasting relationship is built on the basis of trust and credibility and the biggest, perhaps best consequence of this relationship is to win loyal customers to you and your top brand advertisers.

INTERNET– in this virtual world increasingly growing and dynamic, we have many risks and many advantages!Do not neglect your social networks and deal with your customers also through the network. Today, the main means of researching products and services is via the internet and also has performed very well the evaluation done by customers, which can directly influence the attraction of a customer (danger or advantage). Of course, there is no escape from this medium, if your product or service is not yet present on the internet or few interactions, is out of date. The affection eye in the eye does not fail, the challenge now is the virtual affection too !!!

NAME – treat the customer by name, have you stopped to think about the impact that this item has?Being treated as unique, as special leaves the customer dearest and belonging to your company. Make the effort to learn and always recognize your customer by name, by the history he carries. Create ways to customize the service, the product / service.

HUMILITY – I believe that one of the main human virtues is humility and that it also fits perfectly in the professional environment. Humility to put yourself in the customer’s place and offer what you would like to receive, promise what you can fulfill. It is recognizing a failure, it is recognizing that you can not do as much as he need or that you can further improve your product / service. Nothing is so bad it can not get worse or nothing is so good that it can not improve or be better, so be always humble in dealing with the customer to listen, improve and perfect. Learn from mistakes, learn from customers, competitors and all your partners. – being suppliers and collaborators, is believing that the better you are (your product) has something bigger than this:the “voice of your customer”!

OPPORTUNITIES – Create opportunities to be with your customers, they will not always be moments only to make sales directly, it can be moments to get to know them better, providing knowledge to them too (events, meetings, lectures, social gatherings) or times to solve any problem, complaint or even suggestions from customers.Take advantage of these opportunities to strengthen the “caring and affection” relationship between you.

Author: Anna Prado

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