To be a Team

It all started when, this week, a group of friends and I arranged to meet.

In preparation, I suggested to the hostess that, to make matters easier, we could eat a burger. She replied that it was a great idea.

After a while, I had a surprise when she told the group that I had come up with the idea of making homemade hamburgers.My suggestion, actually, was to go out to eat at a hamburger place. It was inevitable to remember the rule that as a journalist I have heard so many times: communication is not (only) what you say, but what the other understands.

My hamburger story is repeated daily in the corporate world. Much more than we would like, actually. Noises in communication bother us, stop us from day to day, create unrealistic promises to customers and suppliers.Faced with this, often working as a team in our companies is like the image above: we sit side by side, but we are in completely different universes.

For some people, the best resolution would be to take the team from work and do it all on their own. We believe it is best to draw from the group a sense of team. For this, some concepts must be taken into consideration:

To be a team one has to open the head, the heart and the ears, so that opinions are based on trust and not undermined by “preconceptions”.

To be a team you need to guide culture to values and give people a chance to express their ideas and best contributions.

In order to be a team, it is necessary to make room for frank and open dialogue, which proposes to speak even about what seems taboo.

To be a team, it is necessary, above all, to know how to dialogue, to keep up with the famous, super technological and advanced tool called conversation.

A workplace that does not have a culture of dialogue sooner or later will rust. At times, the changes we most need are simple:be clear and convinced, know how to say yes and no, leaving no doubt and be clear.And who knows as a bonus, give an answer to those “hi, alright?” That get lost in the middle of the corridors.

Material taken from the site www.consense.com.br and written by Camila Carvalho.

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