MAPA is requiring Traceability of your Animal Nutrition Factory and you do not know what to do?

MAPA (Ministério de Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento) , (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply) from various operations began to demand more strictly the TRACEABILITY of the process in the factories of Animal Nutrition, Feed and Premix, but what this means in practice:

In synthesis food manufacturer must have a list of all products that enter inputs or raw materials in its manufacturing plant, through invoice and therefore should be assigned to these, a batch number. This batch must be controlled throughout the entire process of storage, transillage, dosing, milling, mixing, pelleting and dispatch in bag or bulk, so that intermediate stocks can be audited at any time and these must be checked between reports and the physical.

There are three ways to control the lots:

* FIFO ( First In First Out), that is, the first one that comes in is the first one that comes out;

* FIFO with margin of safety where the client can indicate the percentage of mixture of the lots;

* All lots as defined by the GLOBALGAP standard.

This may seem impossible, because imagine the amount of paper and control throughout the process? Or how will you control or ensure that the batch was actually dosed in batches X or Y, or how to ensure that it has been pelleted and that it has gone through a temperature above 80 ° to eliminate salmonella, almost or virtually impossible manually or by manually filled reports correctly?

For this, ISA “International Standart Automation” developed the standard S88 “Batch Control” that defines how to control a batch throughout its factory and through its implementation it is possible to control and complete traceability in its factory, as well as the standard S95 ” Integrating Manufacturing’s Future. “

But where to find software in Brazil to use these standards?

GEMBA MES Mill is a MES created since 2004 and has since 2008 the TRACEABILITY module and is in operation in more than a dozen clients.

What does the GEMBA MES Mill? It controls all uses factory from receiving to shipment like an ERP to control process and lots of products throughout the process;

What does GEMBA MES mean? “Gemba is a word of Japanese origin that means a real place or place where you work to create value” and “MES comes from the English that means Manufacturing Execution System” that is the Software that controls from the integration with ERP up to actual execution on the factory floor.

To better understand see the pyramid with the production control process levels:

AGPR5 is the leader as the best and most complete MES Platform – Manufacturing Execution System, for industry 4.0, specific to Animal Nutrition processes.

+100 Installed Servers
+1.000 Supervision stations, Data Collectors, HMI’s and Active Network
+100.000 Entry and Exit Points Automated Factory Floor

Leader with 30% control of the Brazilian production of Animal Nutrition and premix, with the following numbers:

+70 Factories, Animal Nutrition and Premix
+3.280 Ton per hour of Animal Nutrition and Premix Produced
+65.600 Ton per day of Animal Nutrition and Premix Produced
+1.640.000 Ton per month of Animal Nutrition and Premix Produced
+19.680.000 Tons per year of Animal Nutrition and Premix produced
+425.000.000 US$ of Inputs Moved Monthly
+ US$ of Inputs Moved Annually

To better understand see the pyramid with the production control process levels:

Imagine the gain you’ll make by strategically planning to get into a 4.0 industry, splitting this investment in five years in a modular way and taking full control of your factory floor process to more complex integration with your ERP or software development control, or formulation software.

This is a differential that you only have with GEMBA MES Mill, that is, you can start the process control from a simple automation of scale to automation of all manufacturing process by modules, you must have to know the Basic, Professional, Enterprise modules and optionals that have high technology for your Factory Floor.

Such innovation is demonstrated with the Property Registration Sofware MES Gemba Mill.

If you are experiencing this problem do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: marketing@agpr5.com

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