13 detailed steps to reach a target

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

The phrase of the former American first lady, Elleanor Roosevelt, can be applied to the personal and professional life of all of us. Some complain that they do not have the opportunity they want, yet they do not seek a way to conquer it. Dreaming is much more action than you think.

It is to desire, to believe, and to seek the means to achieve its target.

In the corporate world we can see that the most successful people, believed in themselves, in their dreams, are self-confident. They put up their sleeves and worked hard to achieve their goals. They took advantage of the small chances that have come to put their dreams into practice.

Most professionals choose to maintain their initial position, to have to risk and to fight for the goals that they want to achieve.

13 things to achieve a objective and that is nothing more than a PDCA cycle.

1)The first step is the Imagination, to clearly define your objective.

2) The second step is that of Belief, where you begin to believe that you can actually achieve that.

3)The third step is Planning, where you begin to plan what you need to do to reach the goal, what obstacles you need to overcome, who can help you, what skills you need to develop.

4)The fourth step is perhaps the most important – Action: start, put into practice, take the initiative to do something concrete, however small. The important thing here is to make the wheel start to spin, even if slowly.

5)The fifth step is that of Resistance, where a part of your brain starts trying to convince you that it’s best to stay where you are (in the Comfort Zone).

6)The sixth step is Assessment, where you assess what you are doing, what is working, what needs to be improved and what route setting needs to be done.

7)The seventh step is that of Resolution, where you overcome the Resistance and continue putting your plan into action.

8)The eighth step is that of Trust, where you begin to see advances and make sure that it really will happen and you will reach your Target.

9)The ninth step is that of the Great Doubt, where the Resistance reappears, this time with redoubled strength, especially if many obstacles or setbacks begin to appear (it is where most people give up).

10)The tenth step is that of Persistence, where you dominate and conquer the Resistance, making it work in your favor.

11)The eleventh step is the creation of Winning Habits. The behaviors, initiatives and attitudes you need to reach your Target have already been incorporated, assimilated and part of your routine.

12)The twelfth step is Success: you reach the goal.

13)Review everything that happened, review the lessons learned.

And to finish:

– Look for positive companies: Be close to people who see and bring the best in you. Avoid exposing your dreams to pessimistic and negative people.

-Face your fears: You’re bigger than them, believe me! Understand the real reason and why you have them and work to solve them. Be superior to them and take control of your emotions.

-Be grateful: Thank you for all you have for the opportunities you have already won. So when you reach your Targets and dreams, you will know how to be humble and give real value to your achievement.

-Be determined, yet flexible: Focusing on your objective does not mean that you should have your mind closed and you leave your Target aside. Analyze the opportunities that appear.

-Work for your success: Take steps, even small ones, but get out of inertia. Believe in your potential and go to the fight in pursuit of your dreams. Be a leader of yourself!

“Before you dismissing, eliminate all Waste, Innovate, improve Quality, increase Productivity, Fidelize your Customers, Partner with your Suppliers, Train and Motivate your Collaborators and create a culture of Continuous Improvement in your company.”

In crisis or any time, think outside the box.

By: Edson Miranda da Silva – Manager of Quality, Productivity and Sustainability



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