About AGPR5 2017

We were born in 2000 with the purpose of transforming knowledge into results for our clients, always seeking excellence in the production and manufacture of grains and foods. In our journey, we build a history of developing people, technologies, innovations and processes that allow us to meet the basic needs of food and comfort to people around the world, with the most sustainable resources possible.

Always maintaining our core values, putting people at the center of our business: Education + Innovation + Efficiency = Excellence.

With them we transform the lives of people, be they collaborators or clients, as well as processes and companies, making them always more competitive and sustainable.

We end the year 2017 with our products and services in more than 13 countries and operate in more than 20 sectors of the economy.

In 2018, the AGPR5 seeks to Reimaging Ingenuity with education, innovation and efficiency to improve the lives of people, processes and companies with the responsibility and sustainability that society needs.

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