AGPR5 consolidates contract with COOPER A1

AGPR5 closes the Contract for Automation and Reform of the Electrical Installations of the COOPER A1 Concentrates and Animal Nutrition Factory in the Palmitos / SC and Itapiranga / SC Units.

With this Contract AGPR5 will have 100% of the COOPER A1 Animal Nutrition Units automated with the same Process Control, Management, Supervision and Traceability System: GEMBA MILL, becoming an exclusive supplier of Automation, being that the Mondaí Factory/ SC has already used the AGPR5 System since 2010.

COOPER A1 – First Formal Cooperative of Santa Catarina:

On October 1, 1933, 18 farmers, led by an businessman named Otto Erich Winkler, invested 540 réis (currency at the time) and made the foundation of a cooperative society. Cooperative? That was still news to many. But this model of organization brought by Winkler from Germany was good: to unite small farmers and thereby gain strength in the marketing of their products. To leave the situation of dependents for “lords of own destiny”.

COOPERATIVA PALMITOS was born, later becoming COOPER A1, whose main focus is to organize and promote the agricultural production of the cooperative, with a predominance of a model of family farming of small farms, acting in the receiving, drying, processing, storage, industrialization and commercialization of cooperative production, in the production and marketing of feed and concentrates, in the common purchase of inputs and consumer goods, as well as the provision of technical assistance in the field and social and educational assistance to its members and collaborators.

In the constant search for new technologies to offer solutions and innovations that generate the most adequate and efficient results to our Customers, The AGPR5 is honored to be part of this success story of COOPER A1.

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