AGPR5 delivers Fertisanta’s new storage units

Work delivered! AGPR5 finalized in June, in partnership with Pagé, the project of the new warehouses of Fertisanta – Fertilizantes Santa Catarina. Understanding the supply of Electrical Installations, Electrical Panels, Pneumatic Networks and Automation, implementing Gemba Storage.

The two storage units together will have a static capacity of 85,000 tons, operating fully automated, generating an efficiency five times higher than the traditional grain storage model.

The Gemba Storage system allows the control and supervision in a single point, guaranteeing security and agility in the process control. In addition to controlling and monitoring not only the production, but also the inputs, transfers and storage stock of the raw materials. Integrating everything into an automation, it ensures the complete tracking, storage and quality control of production.

About Fertisanta:

It was the first fertilizer industry installed in Santa Catarina, in 1992, since then serving the largest companies in the sector, with services of simple element bagging and NPK (industrialization) blend.

The Terminal of FERTISANTA (TERFER), already has about 30,000 m² of constructed area, soon starting another expansion of 15,000 m² of modern warehouses, which will increase its static storage capacity to more than 150,000 tons.

FERTISANTA occupies an area of 60,000 m² within the primary zone of the Port of Imbituba, won through a public lease contract, signed in 2012, in force for 25 years (2037), and can be renewed for another 25 years (2062).

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