AGPR5 Institute launches Training Course Calendar for the month of September / 2017

Professional growth is related to the learning and knowledge you get from the studies and the experiences you acquire in the corporate field. To help with professional development, companies can invest in the development of their team.

Being so is a source of profitability by allowing people to effectively contribute to the results of the business. In these terms, training is an effective way to add value to people, the organization, and customers. That is why developed people increase the productivity and consequently the profit of the organization.

More information:

Ariel Teixeira – instituto@agpr5.com
Training Analyst | Technology & Production
Office: +55 (48) 3462-3950
GPR Tech Park – Rdovia Antônio Darós , 1555
88.816 -195 – Criciúma – Santa Catarina – Brazil

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