AGPR5 presents its first Associate Partner

AGPR5 presents its first Associate Partner, the company LED Engenharia. The company operates in the region of Xanxerê and has more than 10 years of experience in the area of projects, installations of Energy Systems and Automation, with a strong emphasis in factories of rations, having contacts with national scope.

The AGPR5 Associate Partners Program promotes the growth of Partners and AGPR5. For Weiser, who is responsible for the program, “the sum of AGPR5’s technical and commercial efforts with LED has already provided new opportunities for both companies since the phase of commercial rapprochement”

According to Partner Diego Batiston, director of the LED company, “with the partnership between AGPR5 and LED Engenharia we can reach markets that were previously only in our imagination, attending with excellence, quality and with the certainty of customer satisfaction”

CEO AGPR5, Alvaro Ghedin, responsible for the Associate Program Partners, Mario Weiser, and Alexsandro Soares, Staff of AGPR5 give welcome the LED company and its director, Diego Batiston.

Learn more about the Associate Partners Program.

Send your email to partners@agpr5.com and learn more about our program.

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