AGPR5 presents Staff responsible for the Associate Partners Program

AGPR5 presents Mário Weiser André – Staff responsible for the Development and Management of the Associate Partners Program of AGPR5.

According to Weiser, “The AGPR5 Associate Partners Program promotes the growth of Partners and AGPR5 in an accelerated way, relying on the experience and capacity of AGPR5 and its Partners that are being selected with strict criteria to expand AGPR5 Capillarity.”

Mário Weiser André holds a degree in Public Relations from PUC and an MBA in Technology-Base Business Management from the Unisinos.

For 10 years he was manager of technical areas and sales in industrial automation company with international participation and later for 15 years, he worked in the position of Commercial Directories of New Business, with implementation of Sales Channels in Brazil and Latin America, where Over the last few years, he has implemented and managed more than 3 Partner programs.

Send your email to partners@agpr5.com and know more about our program.

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