AGPR5 was present at the International Salon of Aviculture and Swine Breeding Industry – SIAVS 2017

The AGPR5 | A5 Group was present at the International Salon of Aviculture and Swine Breeding Industry – SIAVS 2017, which will be held between August 29 and 31, 2017, at Anhembi Parque, in São Paulo (SP). The company takes to the event the solutions that it makes available to the agribusiness sector, such as the automation and control systems that are developed and patented by the company.

One of the specific solutions for the animal nutrition segment is the Gemba Mill System. This system, implemented in production units in Brazil and abroad, is now one of the best and most complete automation tools for the control, management and traceability of factories focused on the animal nutrition segment.The Gemba Mill System allows the control of all steps involved in the manufacturing processes such as receiving, storing, transition, dosing, mixing, grinding, pelleting, dispatching, bagging and palleting with robot. The solution also has several optional features and customizations to ensure greater efficiency of the controls and productive processes.

The AGPR5, headquartered in Criciúma – SC, stands out today for providing technology and solutions to meet the basic needs of food and comfort for people, developing solutions with value generation in more than 17 sectors (Vertical actuation) of the global economy.

The company, which is among the best to work in Brazil, according to the GPTW ranking, provides a good part of its products to the food sector, controlling more than 28% of the Brazilian animal feed and premix production, with approximately 66 industrial plants , mostly with industry technology 4.0.

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