Difficulties to monitor the processes in your slaughterhouse?

Brazil is among the largest producers and exporters of animal protein (bovine, porcine and poultry), making essential the productivity, sustainability, quality and compliance of standards in slaughterhouses.

We are in a new productive reality, where everything needs to be connected and oriented so that the companies can make the best decisions of production, cost and security in real time. This reality is called Industry 4.0 and is happening in virtually every industry segment, such as agriculture, service provision and the production of technologies to automate the production of a variety of products, including meats.

Therefore, it is very important to use the technology in favor of your slaughterhouse and AGPR5 is prepared to make this happen through Gemba Foods.

Gemba Foods is a system that allows the monitoring and control of your slaughterhouse, from receiving, slaughtering, storing and shipping, making analysis of the entire process possible, since everything is integrated and all information in one place, reducing possible loss of productivity and ensuring the quality of products and efficiency of the entire process.

Are you having problems because you do not have all the information about your slaughterhouse centralized? Difficulties to monitor the processes in your slaughterhouse?

Get to know our Gemba Foods solution and Re-imagine your slaughterhouse with the Ingenuity of AGPR5.

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