Frivasa Towards the top in Minas Gerais

Inaugurated in 1974 in the city of Itajubá, south of Minas Gerais, the Frigorífico Vale do Sapucaí – FRIVASA has been operating for more than 40 years in the food production segment, using the most modern production line capable of slaughtering 850 cattle / day and more than 250 registered products, among them cuts in natura, ported and tempered.

Managed by businessman Emerson Germiniani, a successful businessman with a great strategic vision in business, who has continuously invested in the expansion and modernization of his unit, employing in the industrialization of its products the most modern and efficient, ensuring the traceability of the meat since the origin of the cattle to the consumer’s table and the control of all process steps; has the mission of increasing the capacity of slaughtering the unit to 1,100 cattle / day, placing FRIVASA in the next years in the 1st position as the largest Cattle Broiler in Minas Gerais, where it currently occupies the 2nd position.

In addition to serving the domestic market, FRIVASA has established itself as a major exporter, serving several countries in Africa, South America, Asia, the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and the European Union.

AGPR5 and FRIVASA: Successful Partnership!

The AGPR5 has been present at FRIVASA since its first expansion started in 2010 with the Automation of the Machine Room and Temperature Control of the Environments, exchange of the Electrical Panels remodeling of the Electrical Installations of the Refrigerator adjusting the NR-10 standard and assembly of the new Graxaria – Flour Factory.

In the last 20/09/2017 in Itajubá / MG (photo above) the AGPR5 consolidated the Contract with FRIVASA for the Supply and Assembly of the System of Provision and Discharge of the Freezing Tunnel TRVM and Palletizing, with Processing Capacity of 1500 Boxes / Hour, comprising the supply and mechanical assembly of conveyors for transport of finished products in cardboard boxes and Automation for the Control, Management, Supervision and Traceability of the whole Process.

AGPR5 is honored to be part of this successful FRIVASA towards to the top in Minas Gerais!

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