Gemba Mill also in Latin America

Since 2000, AGPR5 has been transforming knowledge into solutions that bring results to our customers.

To meet the control and management needs of all process steps in the animal nutrition, feed and premix segments, we have created Gemba Mill, one of the best and most complete automation systems in the area.

Gemba Mill is a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) platform for Automation of Animal Nutrition Plants (Premix Plant and Animal Feed Factory),projected to meet all current standards and to control the entire manufacturing process such as, receiving, storing, transilating, dosing, mixing, milling, pelleting, shipping and bagging.

Brazil is the third largest producer of feed in the world and does not have exclusive specialization for the management of Animal Feed Factory, and in this market AGPR5 has close to 30% of the control of the production of feed mills in Brazil.

Our success has also reached other countries in Latin America, such as Colombia, Argentina and Bolivia. Gemba Mill is now a reference in technology, automation and solutions for animal nutrition factories.

Get to know one of our Case of Success: Turn-Key including the executive project of electrical, electrical panels , installations and automation with Gemba Mill, SEARA – Dourados / MS.

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