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Gemba MES Storage is a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) platform for warehouse management using Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) concepts.

Gemba MES Storage is a solution in automation developed to meet the needs in the routines of storage and shipping in a strategic way in the storage centers, where it is necessary to perform the control and management in the process of receiving and conference, storage and separation, handling , Refueling and Shipping.

The solution uses WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) to enable more efficient storage control through planning, routing and multiple tasks of the various storage processes.

It is also used FIFO control (“First in, first out”), which in Portuguese means that the first product to enter the warehouse must also be the first one to leave, in order to avoid loss due to exceeding the validity of the product.


  • Control of vehicles (yard, load and unloading);
  • Automatic weighing through integration with road balances (Bulk);
  • Registration (Silos, Tanks, boxes, etc) and their respective capacities;
  • Registration and Conference of the goods (raw materials and / or product), through the registration of order of receiving informing the data origins and destination;
  • Use of RFID technology;
  • Control of Receiving and Storage of the goods (raw materials and / or product);
  • Automation of process equipment;
  • Conditioning according to the type of merchandise and capacity of the existing compartments;
  • Detailed movement for segregation of goods and orders, using system “Pickibg List”;
  • Stock and Inventory Management;
  • Control of shipment, through the registration of order of loading informing the data origins and final destination;
  • Integration with ERP systems for the issuance of Fiscal Documents;
  • Remote Queries and Reports.


  • Optimization of costs;
  • Traceability of operations;
  • More precise demand forecast;
  • Increase in logistics productivity and decrease in number of operations;
  • Planning and control of storage capacities;
  • Full control of all locations of goods (raw materials and / or product) in stock;
  • Control of all the preparation of orders in real time;
  • Revolving and general physical inventories;
  • Movement of controlled products;
  • Better management of compliance with the delivery time of order;
  • Reducing the time of the tasks within the supply chain, eliminating operational errors;
  • Better use of the physical and human resources;
  • Control of merchandise validity, reducing the costs of loss due to validity or unknown loss;
  • Modularisation and flexibility of system expansion.
  • Monitoring operations through mobile devices.

Get to know one of our Gemba Storage Cases: https://www.agpr5.com/en/sucess-cases/agpr5-implements-the-gemba-storage

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