Good professional is one who Understands the Process

Not all jobs work on an assembly line. For good results, you need to understand the process.

If there is one thing we have done wrong in this world has been to incorporate Fordism into all spheres of work. Yes, the mass-production system developed by Ford in 1914 is fundamental to the operation of the industries we have today, developing thousands of products for mass consumption. But when we are talking about specialized jobs on smaller scales, it is best that everyone understands the process.

Building an assembly line to develop a design or programming project is a common thing nowadays. We have the front-end developer, back-end, network administrator, information architect, UX designer, UI designer, web designer and so on. Each responsible for a part of the process, each riding a gear that only works when the work of all comes together.

When what we really need is more professional full stackers. The name is new, but the concept is old: the best is to understand the whole process to do a good job. If you understand where your project has to go to get the final result, it is easier to designate tasks, deadlines, require improvements and assist whenever a professional is not present.

Real good professionals are those who understand the whole process, have an interest in what comes before and after their work and are able to perform tasks beyond their own when necessary.

Is there anything more satisfying than solving all the problems of your car in one mechanic? Better yet: to understand how each thing will be solved with an explanation from someone who really knows the subject, from end to end? It’s about gaining confidence on the hour.

Author: Adriano Meirinho

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