Happy teachers’ day

Education encompasses the processes of teaching and learning. In the teaching process, the teacher has an important role of student formation and professional future. To celebrate the importance of the teacher was created the Day of the Teacher in Brazil, in 1963.

At AGPR5, we are re-imagining education, knowing that the best investment for sustainable growth is in our collaborators.

“In its trajectory, what AGPR5 did differently was its dedication to being an excellent school. With directors and managers playing the role of dedicated teachers and trainers, capable of recruiting human capital with training potential and transforming it into high-performance professionals, “explains Alvaro Ghedin – CEO of AGPR5.

Re-imagining education, AGPR5 has been recognized since 2015 by the GPTW Institute as one of the best companies to work in Brazil. In 2016, we received the SC Education Award – FIESC Corporate Education Program.

We recognize the role of teachers in the art of teaching and learning and wish all these professionals a Happy Teacher’s Day.

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