Have you thought about writing all your objectives for 2018?

To achieve success you must have well defined objectives, in this way, avoid wear, rework and unnecessary costs.

The targets and objectives should be clear and direct, pointing out the next step to action.

To create objectives with the necessary clarity, George Doran created the SMART objectives. This methodology proposes to facilitate the task of defining objectives with greater chance of being achieved.

To define a SMART target we must know the meaning of this methodology.

S – Specific: the objectives must be thought and defined in a clear and precise way, without subjectivity;

M – Measurable: objectives should be defined so that they can be measured and analyzed;

A – Achievable: the possibility of achieving the objectives must be achievable, challenging but not impossible;

R – Relevant: the objectives need to be relevant to you, that make sense and generate motivation;

T – Time-based: objectives must be defined in terms of duration, with a defined time.

Have you set your business objectives for 2018? Using the SMART tool can greatly help this task.

At AGPR5 we seek solutions that provide the growth and productivity of our customers. Let’s work together in 2018 to achieve the objectives of your company.

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