Help your company to eliminate all the Problems and Non-Conformities

“Want to be Valued and even perhaps be promoted? So Solve Problems and Non-Conformities and Implant Improviments in Your Company! “

Become an expert in solving problems and non-conformities of your company and clients of your company, and in implementing continuous improvement activities, but if your company does not value you, do not be discouraged, in any case you will be learning more by doing so , and at some point you will get a much better job.

We should see Problems and Non-conformities in a different way, not as a bad thing, but as an Opportunity for Improvement and to show our Competence and Commitment to the company, thus gaining trust, credibility and respect from our colleagues and managers.Most professionals can not deal with the issues and non-compliances within the workplace.

Most of these Problems and Non-conformities are seen and treated as bad, so employees try to get rid of them by passing them on to other colleagues, leaving a great opportunity to show their competence and commitment to escape from their hands.Professionals should increasingly fail to see Problems and Non-conformities as a hindrance to their routine, but become to take as a Great Opportunity for Improvement and a great challenge to their career, because in solving Problems and Non-conformities, the employee is seen as a committed professional and has the competence and wisdom to help more and more the company to develop.When you eliminate the problems and non-compliances of your organization and reduce costs, end the waste, is also collaborating with customer satisfaction, increased profitability, productivity, improving quality and safety in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the methodology below is adopted by many companies and contributes to the loss of customers, lower revenues, low incomes and profitability, poor quality of products and services, low productivity, layoffs, high absenteeism and turnover rates, and “Managers” of these companies place the blame on the “crisis”.

“Be smart and do not look for guilty, investigate the causes and look for a solution to the problems and nonconformities and do not resist the necessary changes, you can be the main cause of the problems and non-conformities of your company.”

Source: https://pt.linkedin.com/pulse/ajude-sua-empresa-eliminar-todos-os-problemas-e-n%C3%A3o-miranda-da-silva

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