How to increase the profitability and safety of your Cement Factory?

Cement manufacturing goes through a number of procedures, starting with the processing of raw material to the final packaging and transportation. During the process, the factory deals with high energy costs, care and maintenance of equipment, safety of workers in addition to environmental regulations that present challenges to productivity and profitability company.

The AGPR5 Re-imagining a complete solution that met the requirements of the companies that manufacture cement, developed the Gemba Cement.

The Gemba Cement solution was created aiming at the automation of the control of the processes of transilagem and dosage of the raw materials that compose the cement, offering as a differential, a dynamic tool for the control and precision of the dosage.

Among the many benefits, it can be said that the factory “operates alone”, the programming is easy and it counts on agility and safety, fulfilling all the norms of the sector.

In addition to training your team to work efficiently, at AGPR5 you can count on a Service 24 hours a day, anytime your business needs.

Learn more about our Gemba Cement solution through one of our Success Cases: https://www.agpr5.com/en/sucess-cases/agpr5-implements-the-gemba-cement-solution-applied-to-the-automation-of-the-cement-factory-for-the-pozosul-customer-in-the-city-of-capivari-de-baixo-sc

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