If you drink or are tired, do not drive.

During the holiday season, accident statistics tend to increase. One of the biggest villains is drinking alcohol before driving. Alcohol affects coordination capacity, and reduces reflexes, concentration, and the ability to make quick decisions in unexpected situations. In other words, driving after drinking increases the risk of traffic accidents.

Another cause of accidents are sleep and fatigue of motorists. To reduce the risks some care is needed, since driving with sleep is as risky as driving vehicles after drinking alcohol.

Remember that when driving with sleep or after drinking alcohol, you are not only putting your life at risk, but also that of many other people.

Your life is your highest good. Do not forget: if you drink or you are tired do not drive.

Some tips for those who want to travel:

– If you drink do not drive;
– Rest before you hit the road. Do not drive tired or sleepy;
– Never use your phone if you are behind the wheel;
– Be sure to wear your seat belt, including the rear seat belt;
– Transport children in the appropriate equipments according to the ages;
– Always keep the vehicle’s front safety distance to avoid shocks and collisions;
– Do not turn on the warning flash while the vehicle is moving. This can confuse other drivers and cause an accident.

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