Looking for a reliable company that makes Electrical Installations, Preventive Fire and SPDA?

Electrical installations and preventive projects follow norms and must be done by a reliable company, aiming mainly at the safety and well-being of the collaboraters, the preservation of the environment and sustainable results for the companies.

The AGPR5 provides several solutions for the electrical sector is in line with current safety standards, our main goal is to achieve zero number in accidents related to work and zero environmental impact. And our customer still has complete and integrated solutions of products and services.

One of our successful cases is the Serra dos Cavalinhos SHP, in Rio Grande do Sul, in partnership with Seta Engenharia.

The work involved a team of 24 professionals from AGPR5, involving engineers and technicians, who work from the analysis of the project to complete execution of the electrical installation work of the plant and low and medium voltage network, including internal and external lighting, service outlets , SPDA system and grounding, infrastructure of the system of CCTV and telecommunications of the plant, including central of water intake, power house and maneuver substation.

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AGPR5 – Re-imagine with Ingenuity.

Are you looking for a reliable company that makes electrical and PPCI, SPDA and other preventive installations?

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AGPR5 | A5 Group

Office: +55 (48) 3462-3900
Email: contato@agpr5.com
GPR Tech Park – Rodovia Antônio Darós , 1555
88.816 -195 – Criciúma – Santa Catarina – Brazil

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