Personal Marketing: What is your Package?

Do you do personal Marketing or just spoil everything?

Personal marketing comes back with full force on the circles of discussions. After all, how do you keep your posture in a reality that calls for exposure 24 hours a day?

The MP is related to the good ways of coexistence. Some companies also usually have their own corporate etiquette when it comes to the subject.

Below are some ways for you to be noticed even using discretion:

Beware of excessive exposure: for more invitations you receive, choose the place where your presence will be important. Appearing too much can make you a simple “party rice” rather than a participatory person;

Attention to photos in social networks: selfies are fashionable, but, let’s agree: escape from the wide-eyed and tongue out; another negative point is to post a photo with glass in hand and that eye of ‘dead fish’ in the party;

Learn to go to business coffee or happy hour: it’s worth strengthening: not every network meeting gives the result you expect. In this case, prefer different circle. Always go to the same place and deliver cards to the same people, besides not generating business, can leave you with a label of “forgotten”. Nothing is more embarrassing than listening: “I already got your card last week”;

Card is not pamphlet: although it is very cool to deliver card, try to value your delivery. Do this only if the other party is interested in getting to know your services better;

Talking too much is not speak well: keep your best words for the relevant times. Often it is better to go into silence and be quiet than to be remembered for talking nonsense and issuing controversial opinions;

Correct vocabulary: not always the term of the moment will suit you. Keeping up-to-date and informal does not mean lowering your level and losing your posture when it comes to speaking;

Clothing: Much is said of Jobs or Zuckerberg’s stripped-down style, but that does not mean you should dress the same way in meetings with executives. Before you wear clothes that “doesn’t match” know the environment. Not always the stripped-down style is well accepted by most people and, if you do not know, Jobs and Zuckerberg do not have clones.

Who is not seen is not remembered? Beware of this saying. It’s often best to leave the scene when everyone wants you to stay, rather than try to stay when everyone wants you to leave.

Author: Carlos Cunha.

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