Problems in the traceability of your Balanced Food and Premix Factory ? Meet the AGPR5

The production of a high quality balanced food depends on the efficiency and monitoring of the production process.

In this process, an Efficient Traceability System is essential for the safety and quality of feed production, allowing to identify raw materials, inputs, materials at any stage of the production process of your plant, minimizing expenses with losses, helping to prevent problems, facilitating the identification of the origin and responsibility of the problems.

AGPR5 has traceability solutions for the production of feed from its factory, being able to control every step of the process, from the raw material acquisition to the consumer, guaranteeing the quality and safety of its product, complying with the safety and operational regulations according to the current legislation and protecting your brand.

Are you having problems in the traceability of your Balanced Food / Feeding Factory? Meet the AGPR5.

Let’s re-imagine solutions to your Animal Nutrition Factory.

Learn more about our products and services: Animal Nutrition / Fish, Feed and Premixes.

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AGPR5 | A5Group

Office: +55 (48) 3462-3900
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88.816 -195 – Criciúma – Santa Catarina – Brazil

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