Problems with Batch Processes? Get to know Gemba Batch!

Batch processing is the processing of data that occurs through a batch of queued tasks, so that the operating system only processes the next task after the full completion of the previous task.

Platforms for the control and management of batch processing provide specific tools for the configuration of batch processes and must fully meet the requirements of the international standard for the development of this type of system – ISA S88.

Batch process automation projects must take into consideration several factors, such as the complexity of recipe, the degree of flexibility required by the process, the existing and / or required automation infrastructure, and the costs involved.

AGPR5 has solutions for projects of automation, control and management of dosing system / batch. GEMBA BATCH is a MES platform, designed for the control, management and traceability in factory automations focused on the batch segment.With it is possible to control from the entrance of the product (receiving), movement of the product inside the factory (transition), dosages, control of batch, stock until despatch.

To optimize your Company processes by increasing productivity and gaining time in data analysis and comparison, AGPR5 has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the best solution for your business. Get to know Gemba Batch and its advantages!

Learn more: https://www.agpr5.com/en/portfolio/gemba-mes-batch-2

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