Retrospective AGPR5 2017

From the outset, AGPR5 aims at sustainable growth, with investment in human capital a priority. To form talents, we are dedicated to being a school, recruiting and empowering human capital to turn it into high-performance professionals.

Investing in the generation of knowledge and training of talents, The AGPR5 developed the Program for Development of collaborators, Leaders, Managers and Successors (PDCLES AGPR5). Program awarded by FIESC with the SC Award for Education.

Since 2015, we are among the best companies to work for, according to the GPTW (Great Place to Work) Institute.

In 2017:

– We formed one more class PDCLES AGPR5 – N1T

– Our average training of each collaborator was 100 hours / year;

– We are among the Best Companies to Work for in Brazil – GPTW Institute;

– We are the 4th Best Company to Work in Santa Catarina – GPTW Institute;

– We are the 40th Best Company to Work in Brazil in TI – GPTW Institute.

In 2018, we seek to Re-imagine our achievements and achievements with Ingenuity, continuing to prioritize the formation of talents, investing in our employees and seeking a pleasant work environment with quality of life.

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