Solar Energy for Companies

Using solar energy seems like an investment just for big companies. But this alternative is being adopted by many small and medium-sized companies as well.

The use of solar energy in companies has many advantages, among them:

– Energy bill reduction and long-term savings: Even with an initial investment considered high, the installation of solar panels is a great investment in the long term. The electric bill decreases and can even zero, so the initial investment is paid with long-term energy savings. In addition, the life of the panels is very large, can reach 25 years, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

– Reduction in Taxes: we know that almost half of your electricity bill are tariffs and taxes, with self-consumption will be a great economy.

– Sustainability and Eco-friendly: The sun is a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy. With solar energy your company will use clean energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions in the environment. Environmentally friendly companies are very well-liked by society, the financial market and potential investors.

You can have access to this technology. At AGPR5, we develop the project for your company or residence, our team performs the procedures for installation and we provide assistance for maintenance of the system.

The AGPR5 is re-imagining how to produce energy.

Find out more about our work: https://www.agpr5.com/noticia/agpr5-re-imaginando-com-engenhosidade-energia-potovoltaica-103

Do you have questions about the photovoltaic system? Contact us:

AGPR5 | A5 Group

Phone: +55 48 3462 3900
Email: contato@agpr5.com

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