Solar Energy Works Delivered

The use of solar energy has increased in Brazil.

AGPR5 completed the installation of solar panels in the cities of Araranguá, Garopaba, Imaruí and Tubarão.

Today it is possible to install photovoltaic cells in your home or business to reduce your electricity bill and ensure its supply.

ANEEL’s 482/12 regulation allows you to use the photovoltaic system connected to your home’s power grid without using batteries. Within this regulation, when you produce more energy than you are consuming, the excess returns to the grid of the distributor through a new clock of light and you accumulate energy credits in your electricity bill to compensate during the night, rainy days and months that you do not produce as much energy.

Research shows that homes with installed photovoltaic panels are increasing their market value. And, you still contribute to the environment with a cleaner and sustainable way of producing energy.

Learn more: https://www.agpr5.com/en/energy

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