Teratec Japan Contract AGPR5 to support ship maintenance of Transpetro Components Terasaki

AGPR5 provided a specialized service for the exchange of components on the Transpetro NT Norma Ship electrical panel, including the exchange of main circuit breakers in the MSB Electrical Panel. The work was carried out from July 30 to August 05 under the responsibility of Engineer Yagi of TERATEC / Japan and Engineer Jorge Matsunaga of AGPR5 of Rio de Janeiro.

The execution of the work included removal of existing Terasaki circuit breakers, bus adaptations, installation of new Terasaki withdrawable circuit breakers, TEM POWER 2 series, adjustment of control circuits, adjustment, calibration and testing of AGR protection relays.

This is already the second service done in partnership with TERATEC / Japan, the first being carried out on the NT Nara Ship, also from TRANSPETRO, at a shipyard in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The AGPR5 has exclusivity in the import and distribution of TERASAKI products in Brazil, as well as being a partner of TERATEC in Latin America.

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