The AGPR5 receives a visit from the collaborator of ITALCOL SA

Last week, the AGPR5 was visited by collaborators Jorge Enrique Peña Carreño and José Luis Ortiz Prada, of ITALCOL SA, a Colombian company that produces Concentrated Foods, Raw Materials and Pre-Mixtures, in the Animal Nutrition chain.

The objective of the meeting was to present and discuss the automation project for the pelletizing lines of the Gíron – COL plant, in all its details, including Electric Panel Projects, Electrical Projects and Installations, Production Process and Automation, as well as the alignment between the parts.

Within the proposed schedule, a technical visit to the Frisia de Carambeí-PR plant took place, where it was observed in practice, everything that was discussed in the office.

Italcol SA, was born on February 18, 1970, as a company whose corporate purpose is to manufacture distribution, sale and exploitation of concentrated feed for animals. One of the leaders in the Colombian market, today it has 18 plants distributed in Colombia, Ecuador and Panamá.

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