To Evolve Leave The Comfort Zone

The Complicated Comfort Zone.

Everyone knows that the comfort zone is a set of routine actions, thoughts, simple and comfortable behaviors in which the person is accustomed to perform, without any type of challenge or unforeseen that do not cause any type of fear, anxiety or risk.

In a way, it is not such a bad thing to be accustomed to procedures and to do them without difficulty, but this habit may prevent you from creating new professional and personal perspectives.

It is true to say that human beings are creatures of comfort, we always cherish places where stress and anxiety are minimal.

However, the professional market has already changed for some time and we all need to change with it.

Guys, we do not have to force you to be overproductive and innovative all the time, or leave your comfort zone forever. The key is to know how to measure that limit.

So it’s critical to think outside the little box. Let’s use creativity to solve problems, be flexible and use other ways of doing something, because the more repertoire you have, the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

Anyway, do not complicate a decision just because you are not accustomed to taking it. Immerse yourself in a new challenge, find out if it works for you and learn from your experiences.

Look at the American technology market:

Are you wondering what these numbers on the right represent?

This is how long (on average) employees remain in these companies.

Staff, with a turnover like this, I am impressed that they still manage to deliver a high quality product.

It’s understandable that most people use these companies as a stepping stone to higher salaries and a less stressful environment elsewhere, but if I were a hiring manager, I would cry if my retention team was like that.

Sergio Mansilha.

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