Why technology investments for agribusiness are essential?

Investing in technology for agribusiness is essential, because we are in a new productive reality, where it is no longer an option, but rather it is necessary to invest in solutions that connect all the productive stages of your business. Guiding the best production decisions, cost and security in real time.

AGPR5 has solutions and equipment that encompasses the most varied segments within agribusiness, highlighting the control and management of all stages of the production processes.

Learn more about our solutions Gemba, a MES platform:

-Gemba Mill, for the control and management of all stages of the processes in the animal nutrition, feed and premix segments;

-Gemba Oil, intended for the control and management of soybean oil plants;

-Gemba Milk, intended to integrate the processes of receiving, storing, shipping dairy;

-Gemba Farm, destined to the management of poultry aviaries with more basic automations of the equipment, passes through the monitoring, operation and complete control of production;

-Gemba Storage, destined to the management of warehouses and port terminals;

-Gemba Poultry, for the management and control of agricultural development.

Contact us and get to know our products and solutions for your company:

Phone: (48) 3462-3900
Email: comercial@agpr5.com

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